FEAM is the MRO leader in Aircraft Line Maintenance Engineering in the U.S. FEAM leads the Line Maintenance industry with advanced aircraft repair capabilities, a wide line station network and vast approvals for all current and next-generation aircraft to include B787 and A350 aircraft. FEAM places special emphasis on technical training, uncompromising quality controls, and continuous improvement principles. With these effective measures in place, FEAM delivers best in innovative technical services for all commercial aircraft operators.


FEAM has formed an innovative technical training partnership with AMET. Base in the U.K., AMET is a leader in EASA level Technical Aviation Training in Europe.  Together with AMET, FEAM offers EASA training at its Academy Center based at its Miami headquarters. FEAM Academy is an approved location for this partnership, and are one of very few U.S. MRO organizations that provides EASA 147 maintenance training.



FEAM is actively engaged in leading the FAA’s Safety Management System (SMS) program for 145 approved Repair Stations in the U.S. We are one of only 14 MRO’s in the U.S. that is participating in the FAA SMS Pilot Program.