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At FEAM Aero, your future is more than just a job; it’s a pathway to a thriving career. We are a community of professionals dedicated to redefining excellence in aviation. Our mission is clear: to lead the aviation industry by setting new standards for safety, quality, and innovation. Our unwavering commitment to taking care of our employees drives the excellence of our work and fosters an outstanding company culture. Your future is at FEAM Aero, where every career takes flight.

Great Benefits.

Join FEAM Aero and unlock a comprehensive suite of employee benefits designed to support your well-being, growth, and financial security.

feam team culture

At FEAM Aero, our team culture is the heartbeat of our success, rooted in unwavering core values that define who we are and guide everything we do.

Embody our founder’s passion: strive for excellence, exceed expectations, and cultivate humility. Every interaction should reflect our commitment to delivering superior products and exceptional customer experiences.

Our promise is non-negotiable: deliver the highest quality and safety without compromise. Every team member plays a pivotal role in embedding these standards into every aspect of our work, ensuring that what we build, provide, and stand for sets the benchmark for excellence.

Be curious and always be learning. Solicit and accept feedback to improve yourself and your performance. Every challenge is an opportunity to learn, grow and improve.

Confront challenges with unwavering tenacity and courage, consistently fostering a mindset of excellence. Adapt, persevere, and proactively ask, “How can I help?” to overcome obstacles and embrace change.

Our team is our foundation – we are all united in service and spirit. Support and elevate each other with mutual respect and shared dedication, creating an environment where trust flourishes and collaboration drives us towards common goals.

Diversity & Community

your civilian career starts here

As a veteran owned company, we are dedicated to actively assisting veterans and transitioning military in the recruitment and hiring processes. We recognize their experience provides valuable contributions to the workforce.

Check if your current military specialty code allows you to test for an A&P license.

      • FEAM Aero currently offers a 60-day program through the Army Career Skills Program (CSP). Immerse yourself in an internship that provides invaluable hands-on experience with a variety of wide-body aircraft.
      • Those with a minimum of at least 3 years’ experience on aircraft.

Apply to learn more and hear from a FEAM recruiter.

Your Future Takes Flight with FEAM

At FEAM Aero, we believe in investing in the future of aviation professionals. Whether you’re already in A&P school or contemplating the journey, we invite you to explore the possibilities with us.

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