19 Feb 2021


As part of our series about “The Future Of Air Travel”, I had the pleasure of interviewing Fred Murphy.

Fred Murphy holds the position of Founder & President for FEAM Maintenance/Engineering. Prior to joining FEAM, Fred held various positions in maintenance and engineering departments at American Airlines, US Airways, FedEx and Trans World Airlines. Fred served in the US Air Force as a noncommissioned officer and holds an Associate Degree for Aircraft Maintenance Management, a Federal Aviation Administration airframe and power plant license, Federal Communications Commission restricted radio operators license and a Federal Aviation Administration private pilot/ instrument rating.

Thank you so much for joining us in this interview series! Before we dive in, our readers would love to get to know you a bit better. Can you tell us a story about what brought you to this specific career path?

When I was growing up, I had an uncle that worked for an airline called Western Airlines at Los Angeles International Airport. When I was about 10 years old, he took me to work with him one day and I was blown away from being around all the airplanes and the airport activity going on around them. I think that day is when I fell in love with aviation. Later, when I graduated high school, I joined the U.S. Air Force and my love for aircraft continued to grow. I somehow knew at that young age and seeing those airplanes up close at LAX airport, that I wanted to be part of that industry as I got older. I have been very fortunate to turn that early passion into a business.

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16 Feb 2021

MIAMI, FL (February 16, 2021) – FEAM is excited to announce their new partnership with Sunaero-Americas. FEAM is the fastest growing provider of airline line maintenance and engineering services to a variety of domestic and international air carriers flying transport planes throughout the country. Sunaero, the premier fuel tank and fuel systems repair specialists, will provide on-site fuel system repair services at the new FEAM MRO hangar located at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky (CVG) International Airport that caters to the growing air cargo fleet.



“FEAM’s strategic partnerships with aviation technical specialists like Sunaero has solidified our company as the leading provider of line maintenance in the MRO industry,” said Scott Diaz, Director of Business Development. “Reducing the recovery time of out of service aircraft and improving fleet performance of our airline partners is a core initiative at FEAM, resulting in continued expansions and deploying line support services to over 28 airports across the country this year.”

FEAM opened the 103,000-square-foot and $19 million hangar at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) early last year. The facility created the need for more than 100 high-paying aircraft mechanic jobs and supports the growing global logistics network at the airport. The hangar accommodates all narrow-body aircraft, as well as the Boeing B747 aircraft.


“At Sunaero-Americas, we strive to put quality and customer satisfaction first, and we are proud to share this commitment with FEAM, said Havan Tucker, Sunaero CEO. This partnership offers an opportunity for both FEAM and SUNAERO to better serve our valued customers.”



Sunaero utilizes helium tracer gas technology to pressurize the fuel system which allows for rapid identification of the leak point with the use of helium leak detection sensors. Repairs are then conducted timely and once completed, helium tracer gas is again used to re-pressurize the fuel system and confirm the leak point is repaired. This is accomplished without re-fueling the aircraft until after the leak point is confirmed repaired and therefore saves time and money to return the aircraft to service.


FEAM is committed to the highest levels of safety, reliability, and customer service. The collaboration between FEAM and Sunaero at CVG will greatly enhance the ability to support fleets from around the country and deliver the highest levels of service to their customers.


For more information, please contact marketing@feam.aero


FEAM is the largest leading provider of aircraft line maintenance services in the United States. Headquartered in Miami, FEAM has maintenance bases at 28 U.S. locations, including two hangar facilities, and employs a growing workforce of over 1,000 Aircraft Maintenance Technicians and Engineers. Over the years, FEAM has diversified its MRO portfolio to include Line Maintenance, Technical Training, Global AOG Support, Technical Support Services, and Base Maintenance. Our full line of services ensures our customers meet their mission goals and mitigate AOG ground time. FEAM holds EASA/FAA Maintenance Organization Approvals and approvals from several other domestic and international aviation regulatory authorities. For more information, please visit www.feam.aero.


SUNAERO – AMERICAS is a Fuel Tank and Fuel System Repair Company using “Helium Leak Detection Technology”.  Our Company also specializes in Rapid Sealant Curing Technology / Tooling (Fuel Tank, Windshield and Windows), Rapid Fuel Tank Desealing Tooling and our Fuel Tank and System Repairs business (Global AOG Rapid Response Mobile Repair Teams) supporting both Commercial and Military Aircraft using Helium Leak Detection Technology.  SUNAERO also offers other specialized Aircraft Leak Detection tooling / products for multiple Aircraft Systems and is also available to work an AOG with our Global Rapid Response Mobile Repair Teams both on the Line and in MRO environments. For more information visit www.sunaero.com

08 Feb 2021

MIAMI, FL (February 9, 2021) – FEAM is excited to announce that their new aircraft hangar facility at Miami International Airport build-out and upgrade project is near completion. The Miami-based company provides maintenance and engineering services to a variety of domestic and international air carriers flying transport planes throughout the country. The two-million-dollar project is an expansion of the Miami hangar that will provide FEAM with the opportunity to serve the growing demand of freighter business and also increase the capacity of existing services. The Hangar at Miami International Airport will be FEAM’s second aircraft hangar in the United States.


“As Air Cargo, Ultra Low Cost Carriers, and Regional Airline line maintenance services continue to be in high demand, we are grateful to the Miami International Airport for understanding the need for our services,” said Cam Murphy, FEAM Managing Director. “We pride ourselves on our commitment to create more jobs and build opportunities within our industry, especially in our home base of Miami.”



The latest Miami International Airport project also includes the signing of a 40-year recertification for the Hangar, which is a representation of the company’s commitment to serving the Miami aviation community. As one of the busiest cargo airports in the country, Miami has increased cargo-only flights by more than 14 percent. FEAM has created over 100 airframe and powerplant technician jobs this year alone and intends to surpass this number given the ecommerce industry fueling the need for additional cargo aircraft operations. The company has been growing at a rapid pace with recent expansions in the MIA and CVG airports and has also been actively hiring during the COVID-19 pandemic.



Located directly across from FEAM’s headquarters on 36th street, the hangar complex includes a 37,000-square-foot maintenance hangar and two-story office building with 20 corporate offices, a break room, a 12-seat conference space, a parts department, a 1,000-square-foot full-service sheet metal shop, a production hub, and a customer lounge area with views overlooking the airport.

The hangar accommodates all narrow-body aircraft, as well as the Boeing B767 aircraft. Technical services performed by FEAM technicians will include; letter checks, interior upgrades, structural, and avionics modifications.


For more information, please contact marketing@feam.aero


More about FEAM:


FEAM founded in 1992, is an MRO (Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul) company providing comprehensive aircraft maintenance services to domestic and international air carriers flying transport passenger and cargo category aircraft. FEAM employs over 900 Aircraft Maintenance Technicians /Line Maintenance Aircraft Engineers throughout the company’s growing network of domestic line stations in the United States. FEAM, an FAA 145 Repair Station, holds numerous certifications from global aviation regulatory authorities.


Learn more at www.feam.aero