FEAM Aero Receives New Authorization Class

FEAM Aero has transitioned from a Limited Rating Part 145 Repair Station to an Airframe Class 2 & 4 Part 145 Repair Station

FEAM Aero, the leading provider of aircraft line maintenance services in the United States, has achieved a significant milestone by securing a new authorization rating, Airframe Class 2 & 4, that enables them to support all airframe types weighing above 12,500lbs. This upgraded repair station classification encompasses Class 2 composite construction and Class 4 all-metal construction for large aircraft with a gross takeoff weight (GTOW) of more than 12,500 lbs. These expanded capabilities will provide air operators in the Florida region with a broader range of options and enhanced services at FEAM Aero’s main maintenance base facility located at Miami International Airport (MIA). Notably, with their FAA D100 Work Away authorization, FEAM Aero can offer this new class of support globally, extending its reach and impact.

The airframe ratings, granted to repair stations for conducting maintenance and alterations on airframes, airframe structures, landing gear, and aircraft systems, are crucial for performing aircraft line or hangar maintenance, as well as major repairs and alterations. FEAM Aero’s successful transition to an Airframe Class 2 & 4 Part 145 Repair Station marks a defining moment in the company’s history. These expanded capabilities will elevate the level of service provided, solidify FEAM Aero’s position as the industry leader, and reinforce their standing as the preferred partner in the aviation maintenance and repair sector.

“We are thrilled and proud to announce this achievement, which stands as a testament to our commitment to continuous improvement, resourceful investments, and the expertise needed to meet the ever-evolving needs of our growing customer base,” said Cam Murphy, President of FEAM Aero. “I would like to extend my gratitude and recognition to Alison McHugh, our VP of Quality and Safety, Frank Valenzano, our Director of Quality, and their teams. Their outstanding efforts and dedication have played an integral role in making this accomplishment a reality.”

Alison McHugh, VP of Quality and Safety, added, “This milestone reflects the dedication and tireless efforts of our incredible team. Their commitment to excellence and passion for delivering the highest standards of quality and safety have been instrumental in reaching this significant point in FEAM Aero’s journey.”


About FEAM Aero: FEAM Aero is the largest leading provider of aircraft line maintenance services in the United States. FEAM Aero has maintenance bases at 52 locations globally, including two hangar facilities, and employs a growing workforce of over 1,500 Aircraft maintenance technicians and engineers. Over the years, FEAM Aero has diversified its MRO portfolio to include line maintenance, technical training, global AOG support, technical support services, and base maintenance. Our full line of services ensures our customers meet their mission and goals and mitigate AOG ground time. FEAM Aero holds EASA/FAA Maintenance Organization Approvals and approvals from several other domestic and international aviation regulatory authorities. For more information, please visit www.feam.aero.


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