FEAM Announces New Aviation Technical Consulting Services

MIAMI, Jan. 16, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — FEAM Maintenance / Engineering today announces it will begin offering aviation technical consulting services under the brand name Technical Services. Technical Services, the newest addition to FEAM\’s portfolio of high-value aviation support solutions and services, will cover and support the entire lifecycle of aviation assets within the realms of aircraft and engine technical management.

“Technical Services will fully cater to airline operators, airframe, engine technical asset managers, and OEMs,” said Dan Allawat, Chief Operating Officer. \”FEAM\’s team of Technical Service experts will focus on handling special technical operations projects to allow the asset manager or airline operator to focus on their core business.”

FEAM\’s new Technical Services will include project maintenance event management, fleet management, liaison support for asset managers, end-of-life asset advisory, maintenance bridging planning development and management, lease return representation, aircraft delivery, and redeliveries, pre-purchase physical inspections, technical records auditing, and management.


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