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With 42 line stations across the globe, we bring our vast line maintenance and technical capabilities directly to you. We’re proud to extend our aircraft maintenance services even further, thanks to our internationally based company acquisitions.

In September 2021, FEAM AERO expanded its footprint internationally with the acquisition of BOSA, a globally approved aircraft maintenance provider with four line stations across the UK and Germany. FEAM also added two additional BOSA line stations to our portfolio in early 2022, increasing our international footprint from four to six locations.

Headquartered in Cheshire, England, BOSA provides aircraft line maintenance across all Boeing and Airbus fleet types, and component repair to over 5,000 aircraft parts for a multitude of airline customers. Rounding out their capabilities, BOSA provides AOG recovery services throughout the UK and Europe, allowing us to expand our On-Wing AOG Repairs Team further into the region.


BOSA hold capability for all leading Oxygen assemblies including B/E, Avox/Scott and Kidde. We offer the capability to test, repair and overhaul Emergency passenger oxygen and Emergency crew oxygen assemblies. With an industry leading standard refill TAT average of just 48 hours, BOSA can also achieve AOG refill within 2 hours at Manchester Airport and 5 hours for most Midland/Northern hubs, with overhaul of O2 assemblies achieved in as little as 7 days.

BOSA can also assist with the design and implementation of onsite oxygen filling equipment which negates the need for costly hazardous goods transport. Staff training can also be included in your
The vast majority of aircraft filters are disposed of after just one use. However there are a number of aircraft filters that can be overhauled and used again. In some case, filters can be used numerous times before they require replacing. Can you imagine the savings?

Destructive manufacturing techniques, such as machining, result in the removal of large amounts of bulk material often meaning operations can result in over 90% waste material. For high-value aerospace components manufactured in expensive metals, material buy-to-fly ratios of 15:1 are not uncommon (15 kg of material to a produce1 kg component)

Utilizing our “we care to repair” scheme typically saves 50% against the cost of new filters whilst reducing lead-times and environmental impact. Potentially hundreds of thousand dollars are realistic against a modern fleet.
BOSA specialises in the cleaning and disinfection of Waste System Components prior to maintenance. All procedures are in accordance with OEM CMM or Operator AMM. Toilets, Shrouds, Water Separators, Level Sensors and even Holding Tanks are viable. With our established component cleaning service, we progressed and developed our capability, introducing services for repair and overhaul of various Toilet and Waste System components.

Our capabilities currently include Water Separators, Waste Level Transmitters, Level Sensors, Drain Valves, Vacuum Generators and Vacuum Toilet Assemblies.
BOSA hold capability for various aircraft lighting systems and units.

OEMS supported include: Zodiac, Leonardo, Sirio, Airsignia, Diehl.
They galley equipment is often some of the hardest working equipment found on modern aircraft. BOSA has accumulated vast experience in this area and regularly adds parts to an ever growing customer lead capability list.

BOSA covers all major OEM’s including B/E, Dreissen (Zodiac), Ipeco , Sell and Rumbold. We can service boilers on a ship shop ship basis in only 4 days, meaning BOSA can support an aircraft’s scheduled check “ship shop ship”.

During 2013 BOSA was instrumental in the launch of a PMA solution for Heating Elements found in several models.

Operators have enjoyed a saving of up to 60% and this, coupled with regular “de-scaling”, has seen major improvement to MTBF’s.
BOSA holds capability covering Life Vests, Voice Projectors, Bassinets and Fire Extinguishers.

BOSA is an approved repair vendor for Switlik General Aviation and Marine Safety Devices and can supply their range of Life Preservers and Aviation Life Rafts.

For more information, please contact us at  [email protected]

In March 2022, we extended our European reach even further with the acquisition of Northern Aerotech, bringing our total European line station count to 12 locations for a total of 42 global line stations. The acquisition represents a natural progression of FEAM’s tremendous growth throughout Europe on the heels of the successful addition of BOSA. 


Northern Aerotech has over 30 years of experience in heavy line maintenance and has the technical capability with multiple Boeing and Airbus fleet types. They also hold EASA Part 145 certification.

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