SR Technics and FEAM Maintenance/Engineering sign memorandum of understanding to expand line maintenance network

SR Technics, a world-leading MRO service provider, and FEAM Maintenance/Engineering, a U.S. based MRO leader in aircraft line maintenance services, announced today that they have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on joint initiatives aimed at adding value for the current and prospective customers of both companies.

In partnering with FEAM, SR Technics will expand its reach from multiple European locations to the U.S. market, where FEAM has numerous established aircraft maintenance stations. Conversely, FEAM will offer global solutions through its partnership with SR Technics.

“Partnering with a world-class MRO such as SR Technics will create new opportunities for FEAM and more importantly, for FEAM customers,” said Dan Allawat, Chief Operating Officer at FEAM. “We look forward to exploring areas of cooperation as a means to offer a broad spectrum of services to our collective airline clients.”

“As part of SR Technics’ growth objectives, this partnership will develop our service offering for our existing and future customers in the U.S.,” said Jakob Straub, Head of Aircraft Services and Line Maintenance at SR Technics. “Together with our strong partner, we will be able to seize on market opportunities to maximize our potential and expand our presence while ensuring reliability and fast turnaround times at attractive prices.”



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