FEAM AERO Introduces New Service Offering with Michael Turpin

FEAM AERO will expand their portfolio of services with a new vertical in Major Repair and Recovery, spearheaded by their most recent hire. Michael Turpin has been appointed Vice President of Major Repair and Recovery to oversee this new service offering, and uphold FEAM’s standards of quality and safety in this category.

“Our goal is to see FEAM grow in the global market, and to be considered the undisputed leader in Repair and Recovery,” adds Turpin, who brings over 37 years of aviation experience to his new role.

Mr. Turpin is a former United States Navy Crew Chief who began his career in aviation working to repair SH-3H and CH-53E helicopters that had acquired significant structural damage. He later joined RAMS at McDonnell Douglas and traveled extensively repairing Douglas aircrafts.

As a compliment to FEAM’s MRO Services, adding Major Repair and Recovery will allow FEAM to offer a turnkey solution to all customers who are looking for high quality, cost effective ways to recover and repair aircrafts without paying OEM prices. FEAM’s Major Repair and Recovery teams will be deployed throughout their US and International locations to support Adjusters, Underwriters, and Airlines with on-the-ground repairs. 

“We are thrilled to add Michael Turpin to our growing team. The creation of his position, and the corresponding new capabilities it represents are a glimpse into the big-picture thinking that FEAM has embarked on as part of our global expansion plan. We are extremely confident in Mr. Turpin’s ability to exceed expectations, and look forward to all that he will accomplish in this new role,” explains Cam Murphy, President of FEAM AERO.


For more information, or to request an interview with representatives from FEAM AERO, please contact Sara Shake at 954.336.3275 or [email protected].

FEAM AERO is the largest leading provider of aircraft line maintenance services in the United States. FEAM has maintenance bases at 42 locations globally, including two hangar facilities, and employs a growing workforce of over 1,400 Aircraft Maintenance Technicians and Engineers. Over the years, FEAM has diversified its MRO portfolio to include Line Maintenance, Technical Training, Global AOG Support, Technical Support Services, and Base Maintenance. Our full line of services ensures our customers meet their mission goals and mitigate AOG ground time. FEAM holds EASA/FAA Maintenance Organization Approvals and approvals from several other domestic and international aviation regulatory authorities. For more information, please visit www.feam.aero.


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